Bio Oriented Polypropylene – BOPP
In order to offer a complete line, not only in thermoplastic resins, but also in packing, Premix Brasil together in partnership with the company Papion began in 2012 the exclusive distribution of biorentent film produced by Innova.

BOPP – film produced in state-of-the-art equipment, which performs the process of molecule orientation, at longitudinal and transversal directions, making resistance higher than that of conventional films. Besides, it is a more rigid film, with the best optical and barrier properties (gases, O2 and humidity).

Labels for several packing types; film lamination for packing of pastas, coffee, snacks, cookies, increasing their shelf life; adhesive tapes; covering for cigarette packing, DVD, CD, cosmetics and perfumes; packing for flowers.



National and imported materials
We represent a great line of national and imported resins from the best companies that work in the distribution of thermoplastic resins, new and recovered.



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