Polystyrene PSPoliestireno


As authorized distributors for Videolar, a modern company always investing in high-end equipment and technologies, Premix Brasil has all crystal polystyrene and high impact grades in stock, supporting demands from a rigorous market, which wants to add value to its product.

PS Crystal – known for providing a crystalline aspect to parts produced with it. This is a transparent, rigid, non toxic material, but of little resistance to fracture.

Home appliances, toys and electrical appliances injection, components for the electro-electronic industry; disposable drinking glasses, plates and flatware; products for laboratory and pharmaceutical industry; office and school products, such as rulers, pens, etc.

High Impact PS - allying rigidity to impact resistance, HIPS is an easy processing, malleable and non toxic material.

Electro-electronic and electrical appliance equipments injection; extrusion of plates and profiles; disposable drinking glasses and plates; shoe heels injection; parts for the auto industry; internal refrigerator parts.


Polyethylene - PE


Premix Brasil provides its clients all types of polyethylene – LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE. Various grades, from various world acknowledged suppliers, in order to support your need, whatever the application it is destined for.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – this material presents great processeability, resistance to impact, flexibility, and good transparency, when compared to other polyethylenes. It can be used in injection and blow molding and at film extrusion. It is a non toxic and odorless material.

Films for food and industrial products packing; packing for pharmaceutical products; toys; bridging for flasks; production of master tanks; goffering films for disposable diapers and hygienic absorbents.

Low Linear Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) – although its processeability is a bit worse, it allies excellent mechanic properties (resistance to tearing and resistance to impact) to good optical characteristics. It presents great sealability and stretching, allowing for greater packing speed.

Films for automatic packing (fowl and bread, for example); goffering films; canvas for covering; hoses; stretch film; injection of caps; production of master tanks; rotationally molded parts, such as toys for playgrounds, water boxes, tanks, etc.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – material which produces more rigid parts, with good resistance to chemical products and impact. Blow and injection molded, it can also be extruded for obtainment of films, wires, tapes, and tubes.

Caps for pots and flasks; crates; drums, tanks, and barrels; tubing for sanitation; mono threading for ropes; decorative tapes; nets for fruit and vegetable packing; geo-textile products; sanitary seats; home appliances; plastic bags and sacs in general; flasks for cosmetics, detergents and chemical products in general.


Polypropylene – PP


Premix Brasil has polypropylene available to support its clients. Whatever their need, they shall find the right grade, so as to provide the best characteristic to your product and make your manufacturing process more efficient, with homopolymer, copolymer, or random PP.

Homopolymer PP – non toxic and very versatile material, which resists well to higher temperatures when warmed. It can be molded by injection, blowing, and thermoforming processes, or by the extrusion process, forming plates, raffia, wires, fibers, films, tubes, plugs, or profiles.

Copolymer PP – the right choice so as to provide higher resistance to impact to your end product, especially at low temperatures.

Random PP – for parts requiring transparency, allied to good resistance to impact, films with better optical properties, or higher sealability and even tubes for hot water, Random PP is the best solution.

Home appliances; non tissue for hospital use and for the furniture industry; films for pastas, cookies, chips packing; raffia sacks; thermoformed packing for sweets, margarines and dairy products in general; flasks for water and juices packing; caps for various packing; disposable serynges; parts for the auto industry and much more.


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