Premix Brasil possesses a highly qualified team, receiving specific and customized training, so as to offer exclusive support to their clients. Our goal is to broaden the partnership relation in a business environment allowing for flexibility, quality, and agility in negotiations and services provided.

With branch offices strategically set up in the states of SP and PE, Premix Brasil is capacitated to support the country’s Southeast, South, Northeast, and North regions, at the minimum time possible and with the guarantee of full freight delivery. At its warehouses, it possesses over 9.000m² of area so as to adequately store material it distributes.

Premix Brasil offers its clients the possibility of payment using the BNDES card, with lower interest rates and allows payment in up to 36 months.



National and imported materials
We represent a great line of national and imported resins from the best companies that work in the distribution of thermoplastic resins, new and recovered.



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